Affordable (MFTE) Homes

Spruce is proud to offer Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE) homes to make high-quality apartment living more attainable in the Seattle community.

To qualify for Seattle’s MFTE program, households must fall within certain income limits, as defined on the City of Seattle’s MFTE affordable housing site. Navigate to MFTE & Incentive Zoning > Income & Rent Restrictions to see if your income falls under the maximum, measured as a percentage of AMI (area median income). 

MFTE income limits at Spruce are: 

• 65% of AMI for studios (including open one-bedrooms) 

• 75% of AMI for one-bedrooms 

• 85% of AMI for two-bedrooms 

Please get in touch with our leasing team with any questions about income-restricted apartments and pricing ranges!